PAT Testing Results and Certificate Example

You may be wondering what you are provided with once your PAT testing has been carried out and the PAT Tester has left your premises. It is important that you are provided with a comprehensive list of results, preferably in digital format with the information that has been downloaded from the PAT testing machine itself. Within these results should be the appliance ID, Appliance type, test date and the actual test results. In our opinion this is preferable to a hand written list with purely ticks as a pass.

These results are tidied up and presented in a digital format as shown in a couple of examples below. We can also provide other types of reports such as an appliance register, list of retest dates etc. On occasions that it is necessary (mainly workshops and higher risk environments) we shall also put together a thorough list of advisory notes with a list of issues that appeared, possible preventative measures and any other information that we believe you require.

In order to maintain safety within a high risk work environment, it is important to develop a regular testing schedule that addresses the problem areas. Portable Appliance Testing may seem like a “paper exercise” if it is treated as such but if safety is your main concern then let us risk assess your workplace, attach suitable testing frequencies to the right areas as per the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition November 2012.

Perth PAT Testing Results Example
Example PAT Testing Perth Results
Perth PAT Testing Certificate Example