PAT Testing Services Available

Carrying out Portable Appliance Testing on a regular basis is a pro-active element in your health and safety regime. It allows us to find electrical problems that have started to develop before they become a major health/fire risk.

But not all work environments are created equally and they don't all require the same frequency of testing, in order to maintain the safety levels required.

Our job, in conjunction with yourselves, is to risk assess your work environment, insurance requirements and/or responsibilities to your landlord, and decide on a testing frequency that will maintain those standards.

See below for some of the different business types we work with:



Perth Charity PAT Testing

We automatically discount for charities. 

Contact us from more details


Workshop PAT Testing Perth

3 month visuals, 6 monthly checks??

Let’s work together to ensure safety in your workshop.

​​Landlords – B&B’s

Guest House PAT Testing Perth

We work with local Perthshire electricians to satisfy the PAT element of your EICR


Office PAT Testing Perth

It’s probable that you don’t need annual PAT Testing.

Let us risk assess and develop a suitable testing frequency.


Perth PAT Testing for Bands and DJ's

If you have a rush job due to a venue request for a PAT certificate, give us a shout


PAT Testing Perth For Exhibitors

Don’t be caught out by the “Do you have a PAT certificate?” question.

Stay on top of it.

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