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It’s easy to underestimate how many electrical appliances you may have. Once you have made a rough count, it would be advisable to add another 30 – 50% to allow for IEC leads, hidden items etc.

If you have a previous PAT testing item count then that information would really help.

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If you have been given a quote from a current supplier, have a previous price paid or have other quotes then we have a “won’t be beaten” guarantee on any reasonable quote – as found below.

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Why Perthshire PAT Services?

Reliability – Quality of Work – Competitive Pricing – Complete Peace of Mind

Our portable appliance testing engineers are fully insured, trained to City and Guilds level and are fully up to date with the most recent PAT testing guidelines as presented in the IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, 5th Edition. We only use the most modern portable appliance testing equipment such as the Seaward Apollo 600/Kewtech SmartPAT and constantly updated pat testing software.

When we quote a price, there are NO hidden surprises. We offer a FREE minor repairs service including fuses, cables and replacement plugs.

We like to go that little bit further – We try to remove as many old pat test stickers from your appliances as we can, leaving only the most recent and we put our stickers in the least obtrusive place. We don’t understand why each PAT tester seems to need to place their sticker in a different place so your items end up looking like a patchwork quilt! We even try to tidy up cables where we are able.

At the end of your testing you are provided with a full list of digital results, digital certificate and if applicable, a list of issues found or recommendations. See here for an example.

We’ll also discuss the required frequency of testing going forward.

Our aim is to save you money in the long term by ensuring your testing is completed comprehensively on first check (We are not afraid to call out the multitude of “sticker jockeys” within the PAT industry – we often test items with multiple stickers that quite clearly have never been checked fully), then we establish a testing frequency based on our findings.

If you’re going to pay for PAT Testing then make sure it’s with someone who takes pride in their work.


Keep it Local – Keep it Reliable – Keep it Perthshire PAT Services (Also covering Dundee, Angus etc..:) )

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:


PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure that they are safe to use. Many electrical safety issues can be found from a thorough visual inspection but other faults can only be found by testing. 
It is an important element of a companies health and safety regime but is open to various interpretations. If you wish further information then please call us on 0844 351 0324 and can help you out.



A very good question - There are variables associated with this question but you will appreciate that a good deal of common sense is used. 

The idea is to risk assess the environment and make a decision based on level of risk. For example, do you have tools that are used on a daily basis in harsh environments (by harsh workers)? Do you have multiple high load items i.e heaters/fridges plugged into one extension? Does your insurance company require an annual check? Do the public have access to electrical equipment? And so on.

The best idea is to hire Perthshire PAT Services to do a complete check and then we can establish the level of risk within your workplace and establish a testing frequency that satisfies from a legal and cost perspective.


It's easy to think that PAT Testing is a waste of time and money. Often you can check hundreds of items without detecting an issue BUT when you do find one, it can be the difference. That's why it is essential to open and check EVERY plug during a test. Most issues start inside the plug with burning fuses or loose earth wires.

Take a look at some of these horrific plugs we have found - Our Library of Near Misses



If it has a plug attached then it should be PAT tested. The portable part of the name is a bit misleading as it is all items that plug in. Larger items are categorised as movable/stationary items and have different testing limits. Hard wired items should only be tested by a qualified person and so we at Perthshire PAT Services do not test (or randomly put a sticker on) any hard-wired equipment. leo.


Talk about a grey area!

The legal requirements on a company are to ensure that their electrical equipment is maintained in order to prevent danger and they have an obligation to ensure the safety of their employees, clients or visitors.
Discuss it with us and we'll keep you right and keep you safe!


Wondering why it's called PAT Testing when PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing? Don't worry about it, It's an example of "Redundant Acronym Syndrome", like PIN Number or LCD Display...ok, this is irrelevant :)Wondering why it's called PAT Testing when PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing? Don't worry about it, It's an example of "Redundant Acronym Syndrome", like PIN Number or LCD Display...ok, this is irrelevant :)

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